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This JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Receivable 9.2 training teaches you about the business process, setting up and the other functionalities related to the accounts receivable part of the financial modules. Expert instructors will help you deep dive into the processes for working with credit and collections part of finance.


  • Manage customer information.
  • Process accounts receivable invoices.
  • Process sales order invoices.
  • Process manual receipts.
  • Process automatic receipts and drafts.
  • Process credit reimbursement.
  • Process accounts receivable and payable netting transactions.
  • Process tax information.
  • Set up the system for credit and collections.
  • Manage customer deductions.
  • Process delinquency notices and fees for overdue accounts.
  • Analyze statistical information for customers.


  • Course Overview
  • Business Process Overview
  • Setting Up Foundational Components for Accounts Receivable
  • Setting Up Other Components of Accounts Receivable
  • Describing Accounts Receivable Master Business Functions
  • Setting Up Customers
  • Processing Invoices
  • Posting Invoices
  • Describing Batch Invoice Processing
  • Reviewing Customer Ledger Information
  • Performing the Order to Cash Process
  • Processing Manual Receipts
  • Approving and Posting Receipts to the General Ledger
  • Revising Receipts
  • Processing Automatic Receipts
  • Describing Automatic Debits Processing
  • Processing Accounts Receivable Drafts
  • Processing Credit Reimbursements
  • Describing AR/AP Netting
  • Describing Accounts Receivable Reports
  • Updating and Reviewing Tax Information
  • Setting Up Credit and Collections Information
  • Setting Up Customer Records for Credit and Collections
  • Entering Deductions
  • Resolving Deductions
  • Managing Customer Account Balances
  • Managing Account Activities
  • Describing the Collection Report
  • Managing Credit Information
  • Processing Delinquency Notices
  • Processing Delinquency Fees
  • Describing How to Calculate Statistics for Customer Analysis
  • Describing How to Review Statistical Information for Customers
  • Processing Statements
  • Final Course Activity
  • Course Review