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This class instructs students on how to set up and use the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Fixed Assets system to manage their company's fixed assets. The course include lessons on setup, asset master records, accounting entries for fixed assets, disposing of assets, and fixed asset reports.


  • Set up the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Fixed Assets system
  • Create asset master records
  • Process general ledger entries to fixed assets
  • Depreciate assets
  • Process fixed asset journal entries
  • Revalue assets
  • Perform year-end processes and global updates
  • Print fixed asset reports


  • Course Overview
  • Business Process Overview
  • Setting Up the System Foundation
  • Setting Up Other Components of the Fixed Assets System
  • Managing Asset Records
  • Establishing Parent and Component Information
  • Tracking Asset Locations
  • Processing General Ledger Entries for Fixed Assets
  • Posting Journal Entries to Fixed Assets
  • Describing Units of Production
  • Calculating Asset Depreciation
  • Describing Fixed Asset Journal Entries
  • Splitting Assets
  • Transferring Assets to New Locations
  • Disposing of Fixed Assets
  • Describing Asset Revaluation
  • Performing Asset Revaluation
  • Describing Standard Fixed Asset Reports
  • Describing Fixed Asset Integrity Reports
  • Performing Year-End Processes for Fixed Assets
  • Describing Fixed Assets Global Updates
  • Challenger: Setting Up User-Defined Depreciation
  • Final Course Activity
  • Course Review