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The Siebel Integration training teaches you a variety of strategies to integrate Siebel applications with other applications. You'll learn about Siebel Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technologies that support a variety of integration approaches (data exchange using integration workflows, web services, and data federation).


  • Expose Siebel functionality and data as web services.
  • Access external functionality deployed as web services.
  • Configure a Siebel application for a point-to-point integration solution based on integration workflows.
  • Configure an integration solution based on data sharing using external business components and virtual business components.
  • Embed web pages from an external source in a Siebel view.



  • Course Introduction and Overview
  • Integration Objects
  • EAI Siebel Adapter
  • Data Conversion
  • Integration Workflows
  • EAI HTTP Transport
  • EAI Message Queue Transport
  • Data Mapping
  • The EAI Dispatch Service
  • Using and Configuring Siebel Inbound Web Services
  • Siebel Outbound Web Services
  • Overview of Data Federation
  • External Business Components
  • Virtual Business Components
  • Embedding Web Content in a Siebel View
  • Siebel CRM Workflow Appendix