1. Installation and Configuration Services for Business Intelligence Applications

 Installation and configuration services for business intelligence and reporting tools, such as Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Analytics, Business Objects, Qlikview, etc. and upgrading and bug fixing services for such products are provided.

2. Reporting / Business Intelligence Tools Logical Middleware Design Services

 Design and configuration services of logical middleware (obiee, business objects, etc.), which will be created based on Star/Snowflake structure of OLTP or DWH systems and which are needed by a business intelligence tool, are provided completely.

3. Report Design Services 

 Includes design and publishing services of all SQL/PLSQL, script based web/desktop reports by viewing through business intelligence and reporting tools.

4. Performance Improvement Services

 Include performance improvement services to be provided for solving performance problems that occur either due to configuration deficiencies of reporting tools, hardware deficiencies, or database modeling and querying errors.

5. Business Intelligence Tools Application Security (Active Directory, Single SignOn) Services

 Includes application integration services, such as Active Directory/LDAP integration that assists management of users from a single point and user/password simplification.

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