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The main goal of this training is to become a better Java programmer and a true master of the Java Programming Language, to truly understand threading, Java NIO, to understand the intricacies of Java memory model to improve the performance of your Java application.


  • Annotations and Reflection API, Scripting API, Compiler API
  • Collections: Quick summary, Performance, Java Puzzlers on collections, Best Practices 
  • XML Processing: XML and XSD, JAXP (SAX, DOM, StAX), JAXB, XSL, XPath, XQuery 
  • RMI and Distributed Programming 
  • JMX and Programming MBeans 
  • Threads and Concurrent Programming: Quick summary, Callable, Future, FutureTask, Executors, Synchronizers 
  • Database Programming: JDBC, JPA, JTA
  • NIO and NIO2 
  • Networking (Non-Blocking Sockets, Selector) 
  • JNDI 
  • Security: Digital Signatures, Message Digests, Symmetric/Asymmetric Ciphers 
  • New Features in Java 8-15

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