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As process developers, learn more advanced features of Oracle Business Process Management (OBPM) such as inter-process communication with correlation, advanced error-handling with event subprocesses and utilizing "skip" and "back", and developing natural language business rules.


  • Use the Process Composer interface to create dynamic web forms that use web form rules
  • Create complex expressions for data mapping using XPath, XSLT, and Groovy, and determine which scripting language is best suited to a particular requirement
  • Create and test complex business rules that use decision tables and verbal rules
  • Use a REST service in the process
  • Define complex approval flows using the SOA human workflow editor and business rules
  • Send and receive messages of various types to/from another process, subprocess, or peer process
  • Use an event subprocess to handle errors at the process level
  • Use skip and back to enable the token to return to a parent process at a particular point after an error has been caught
  • Use a Notification activity to send an email from a process
  • Create an ADF task flow for more complex user interaction with human tasks


  • Review of Oracle BPM Architecture and Tools
  • Data in a BPM Process
  • Business Rules 
  • Human Workflow
  • Implementing ServiceTasks
  • Overview of Events 
  • Controlling and Organizing the Process Flow 
  • Handling Exceptions in the BPM Process
  • User Interface Customization overview 
  • An Introduction to using ADF to Developing the User Interface 
  • Building Advanced Web Forms 
  • Customizing the BPM Workspace

Other Trainings

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