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This Oracle Coherence 12c training teaches you to administer Coherence in both stand-alone and WebLogic Clusters. All major aspects of Coherence administration are covered from installation and provisioning to Grid Archive deployment.


  • Describe, configure and deploy local, replicated, distributed and near cache topology architectures
  • Install and manage Coherence within WebLogic Server
  • Configure, manage and secure Coherence REST
  • Identify and describe the basic tasks for performance tuning Coherence cache
  • Monitor and manage Coherence using JMX and Coherence reporting tools
  • Troubleshoot a Coherence cluster
  • Configure the GoldenGate/Coherence HotCache adapter
  • Install, configure and start Coherence clusters in both stand-alone and WebLogic environments
  • Test, configure and troubleshoot network and other components of a Coherence cluster to maximize performance


  • Overview content node
  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Coherence
  • Coherence Basics
  • Cluster Management
  • Cluster Provisioning
  • Configuring Coherence Caches
  • Introduction to Coherence Monitoring
  • Coherence Cluster Monitoring
  • Coherence Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning
  • Coherence*Extend
  • REpresentational State Transfer (REST)
  • Coherence and GoldenGate HotCache
  • Managed Coherence Servers for WLS
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager and Coherence

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