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This Oracle Hyperion Planning 11.1.2: Create & Manage Applications - Self-Study Course will teach you how to create and administer applications with Planning. Engage in hands-on, practical exercises to solidify your learning.


  • Create and deploy Planning applications
  • Manage metadata and data
  • Set up security for users, groups, and members
  • Create and customize forms, menus, and task lists
  • Migrate application artifacts
  • Verify application setup
  • Set up and test business rules
  • Set up and manage the approval process


  • Introduction to Planning for Interactive Users
  • Introduction to Planning
  • Navigating Planning
  • Introduction to Applications and Dimensions
  • Creating Planning Applications
  • Managing Dimensions
  • Setting Up Aliases, Currencies, Years, and Periods
  • Setting Up Scenarios and Versions
  • Setting Up the Entity and Account Dimensions
  • Loading Metadata
  • Creating User-Defined Elements
  • Setting Up Exchange Rates
  • Loading and Calculating Data
  • Setting Up Planning Security
  • Creating Forms
  • Enhancing Forms
  • Entering Data in Planning
  • Annotating and Analyzing Data
  • Managing Business Rules - Part 1
  • Managing Business Rules - Part 2
  • Managing Business Rules Practices
  • Setting Up the Approval Process
  • Managing the Approval Process
  • Creating Task Lists

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