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This Oracle Service Bus 12c: Design and Integrate Services training teaches you how to integrate services across various protocols and technologies. Deep dive into the VETRO (Validate, Enrich, Transform, Route, Operate) pattern implementation.


  • Implement message validation, routing, transformation and enrichment
  • Integrate services with legacy systems
  • Provide reliable delivery of messages between applications
  • Use Oracle Service Bus and OWSM to secure services
  • Test, debug, and troubleshoot Oracle Service Bus applications
  • List Oracle Service Bus capabilities
  • Enable service level abstraction
  • Describe Oracle Service Bus architecture and functional layers
  • Expose a SOAP service as a REST service


  • Introduction
  • Introducing Oracle Service Bus
  • Getting Started with Oracle Service Bus Applications
  • Basics of Message Flow
  • Validating Messages and Error Handling
  • Transforming Messages
  • Routing Messages
  • Enriching Messages
  • Processing Messages with Concurrent Calls
  • Adapters and Transports
  • Reliable Messaging
  • Service Bus Security
  • Advanced Topics

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