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This Oracle WebCenter Content: Configuration and Administration training teaches you the fundamental skills to administer your Content Server implementation.  Learn to configure the functionality of Oracle's out-of-the-box product.


  • Understand Oracle WebCenter content architecture
  • Learn the steps for installing WebCenter Content
  • Perform typical configuration and administration tasks for WebCenter Content
  • Create, revise, manage, and search for content items
  • Implement and manage security and metadata models
  • Create and configure workflows
  • Define the steps for system migration
  • Experience various methods of content contribution including the Batch Loader utility and WebCenter Content: Desktop
  • Understand basic Idoc Script variables and functions used by developers to alter the functionality and presentation of the WebCenter Content product
  • Learn the recommended methods for troubleshooting and monitoring


  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to WebCenter Content
  • Installing WebCenter Content
  • Contributing Content
  • Understanding Administrative Responsibilities
  • Implementing a Role-Based Security Model
  • Implementing an Account-Based Security Model
  • Implementing a Metadata Model - Content Types and Custom Metadata Fields
  • Implementing a Metadata Model - Dependent Choice Lists
  • Managing Metadata Using Rules - Global Rules
  • Managing Metadata Using Rules - Activation Conditions and Deriving Values
  • Using Profiles to Customize Content Pages
  • Configuring WebCenter Content – Components
  • Additional Methods of Contributing Content
  • Workflow Concepts
  • Extending Workflows - Using Jumps and Subworkflows, Script Templates , and
    Workflow Templates
  • Managing Content and Subscriptions
  • Using Folios and Folio Administration
  • Integrating with WebCenter Content
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting WebCenter Content
  • Updating Metadata and Creating Backups
  • System Migration - Configuration Migration Utility
  • System Migration - Export, Import, and Replication

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