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The Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c for Developers training exposes developers to the critical pieces of a new implementation using Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c. It takes you through the journey of starting a new implementation, beginning with a Design Document and wireframes and ending with rendering a new website.


  • Configure aspects of the user interfaces based on user roles and permissions
  • Create and manage a content management site in Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c
  • Describe the new Development Constructs introduced in Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c
  • Develop templates and element code by using WebCenter Sites custom JSP tag libraries
  • Discuss the new functionality introduced in Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c
  • Produce a fully functional website
  • Understand the building of custom asset types and a content model


  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c
  • Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c: User Interfaces
  • Course Implementation
  • Creating and Configuring a New CM Site
  • Building the Content Model
  • Administering and Enhancing the Usability of Your CM Site
  • Configuring Dynamic Publishing
  • Advanced Topics: Asset Data Modeling
  • Working with WebCenter Sites Tools and Utilities
  • Programming with Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c
  • Building Templates
  • Coding Templates for Web Mode
  • Caching

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