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This Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Performance Tuning Workshop teaches administrators how to load, test, and tune the Oracle WebLogic Server stack for optimal performance. This includes the operating system, Java Virtual Machine, WebLogic Server subsystems, and the database.


  • Configure a work manager for an application.
  • Monitor and tune Java EE applications.
  • Use a standard tuning methodology.
  • Tune an operating system to support WebLogic.
  • Monitor and tune JVM performance.
  • Monitor and tune server performance.
  • Monitor and tune cluster performance.
  • Monitor and tune JDBC services.
  • Monitor and tune a persistent store.


  • Course Introduction
  • Performance Tuning: Overview
  • Tuning Operating System Resources
  • Tuning HotSpot JVM
  • Monitoring and Tuning Server Performance
  • Monitoring and Tuning Cluster Performance
  • Tuning JDBC Performance
  • Configuring Work Managers
  • Tuning Java EE Applications
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle Java Cloud Service Overview

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