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This Siebel Business Automation course provides in-depth training in the most important automation technologies in Siebel applications, and emphasizes core technologies, such as Siebel business services, Siebel Workflow, Siebel Task UI, and Siebel Assignment Manager. It is appropriate for Siebel 15.x and 8.x customers. Practices are performed using Open UI.


  • Create workflows to automate business processes
  • Configure the Siebel Inbox
  • Create tasks to guide users through complex procedures
  • Use Siebel client facilities for automation
  • Use Siebel Assignment Manager to assign business data to users


  • Siebel CRM Business Automation Course Introduction and Class Setup
  • Siebel Business Services
  • Building Siebel Workflow Processes
  • Testing and Deploying Workflow Processes
  • Siebel Workflow Architecture
  • Invoking Workflow Processes: Runtime Events and Custom Controls
  • Using Workflow Policies
  • Configuring the Universal Inbox
  • Using Siebel CRM Data Validation Manager
  • Siebel CRM Task UI
  • Transient Business Components
  • Scripting and SmartScript
  • Siebel CRM State Models
  • Siebel CRM Assignment Manager