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This Siebel Technical Foundations training is appropriate for Siebel 15.x and 8.x customers. Develop a technical foundation for understanding Siebel applications, including navigation, querying, architecture, data model, object types and more. Hands-on labs are performed using Open UI.


  • Navigate Siebel applications
  • Run server jobs
  • Identify object types and their relationships
  • Use Siebel Tools to examine object definitions
  • Inspect and test business services and workflows
  • Administer and test a Siebel web service
  • Administer list of values
  • Create, maintain, and query data
  • Describe access control
  • Identify the role of each piece of the Siebel architecture
  • Identify the various Siebel clients



  • Introduction to Siebel Technical Foundations
  • Siebel Applications
  • Navigation
  • Data Manipulation
  • Queries
  • Access Control and Security
  • Architecture
  • Clients
  • Server Manager
  • Object Definitions
  • Data Model
  • Process Automation
  • Siebel Tools
  • Integration Objects and Web Services
  • Siebel Workflow
  • List of Values