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After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe how MySQL servers authenticate users by using LDAP
  • Explain the differences between simple LDAP authentication and SASL-based LDAP authentication
  • List the requirements of MySQL LDAP authentication
  • Install and configure MySQL LDAP pluggable authentication
  • Identify the user and group entries from the directory information tree
  • Create MySQL user accounts that use LDAP authentication
  • Create proxy users to authenticate with LDAP groups


  • Install and Configure LDAP Authentication Plugin
  • Create MySQL User Accounts
  • Connect to LDAP Authenticated User Accounts
  • Create Proxy and Proxied Accounts
  • Connect to LDAP Authenticated Proxy Users
  • Create MySQL User Accounts for GSSAPI
  • Configure Kerberos in a Client Host
  • Connect to MySQL Server with GSSAPI


  • Introduction
  • MySQL LDAP Pluggable Authentication
  • Creating MySQL User Accounts for LDAP Authentication
  • Creating MySQL Proxy Accounts for LDAP Authentication
  • Using the GSSAPI Method to Authenticate MySQL Users
  • Conclusion