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This course provides the knowledge and skills to implement continuous delivery. Students will learn how to design a release strategy, set up a release management workflow, and implement an appropriate deployment pattern.


  • Differentiate between a release and a deployment

  • Define the components of a release pipeline

  • Explain things to consider when designing your release strategy

  • Classify a release versus a release process and outline how to control the quality of both

  • Describe the principle of release gates and how to deal with release notes and documentation

  • Explain deployment patterns, both in the traditional sense and in the modern sense

  • Choose a release management tool

  • Explain the terminology used in Azure DevOps and other Release Management Tooling

  • Describe what a Build and Release task is, what it can do, and some available deployment tasks

  • Classify an Agent, Agent Queue, and Agent Pool

  • Explain why you sometimes need multiple release jobs in one release pipeline

  • Differentiate between multi-agent and multi-configuration release job

  • Use release variables and stage variables in your release pipeline

  • Deploy to an environment securely using a service connection

  • Embed testing in the pipeline

  • List the different ways to inspect the health of your pipeline and release by using alerts, service hooks, and reports

  • Create a release gate

  • Describe deployment patterns

  • Implement Blue Green Deployment

  • Implement Canary Release

  • Implement Progressive Exposure Deployment

Intended Audience

Students in this course are interested in implementing DevOps processes or in passing the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam.


  • Design a Release Strategy

  • Set up a Release Management Workflow

  • Set up a Release Management Workflow

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