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This Developing Applications with Java EE 6 on WebLogic Server 12c training teaches you to build & deploy enterprise applications that comply with Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 Web Profile. Create a web-based application that's accessible from desktop & mobile using JSF technology.


  • Use the Java EE Web Profile
  • Develop and run an EJB technology application
  • Develop basic Java Persistence API entity classes to enable database access
  • Develop a web-based user interface using JSF, Servlets, and JSPs
  • Design applications to use CDI
  • Use IDEs and Application Servers for Java EE development
  • Create mobile web applications
  • Validate data using Bean Validation
  • Secure Enterprise Applications
  • Use Logging
  • Install Oracle WebLogic Sever 12c zip file distribution



  • Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
  • Enterprise Development Tools and Application Servers
  • JavaBeans, Annotations, and Logging
  • Web Component Model
  • Developing with JavaServer Faces Technology
  • Using AJAX and Composite Components with JSF
  • Apache Trinidad JSF Component Library and Mobile Development
  • Dependency Injection With CDI
  • Using JSF and Bean Validation
  • Developing Servlets
  • Developing With JavaServer Pages Technology
  • EJB Component Model
  • The Java Persistence API
  • Implementing a Transaction Policy
  • Web Service and Integration Technology Survey
  • Implementing a Security Policy
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle Java Cloud Service Overview

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