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This course describes the use of MySQL Cloud Service to host a MySQL database. Learn how to create a cloud service instance, connect to the service and create a database, connect to the service instance and transfer a local server database to the MySQL Cloud Service instance. Backup your database. Connect to the instance from MySQL Workbench and from an application.


  • Create a new MySQL Cloud Service instance
  • Connect to a MySQL Cloud Service instance
  • Manage a database in MySQL Cloud Service
  • Migrate an on-premise database to the cloud
  • Monitor the instance and adjust use of resources


  • Introduction to MySQL Database Service
  • Overview of OCI and MySQL Database Service
  • Signing In to Your OCI Account and Exploring the Console
  • Setting Up Security and Networking
  • Creating MySQL Database Systems
  • Creating a Compute Instance
  • Connecting to Your MySQL Database System
  • Importing Data to Your MySQL Database System
  • Conclusion