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This Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management training teaches you how to implement Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition (FDMEE)in version Learn a single, systematic process for loading source metadata and data from disparate systems into target analytical applications. Learning activities provide hands-on process for application administrators, configurators, and implementers.


  • Create member mappings
  • Define data load rules and load data to target systems
  • Create check rules and check entities
  • Set up security
  • Create scripts
  • Describe FDMEE integration with other source systems
  • Use Lifecycle Management to migrate artifacts
  • Process batches and manage reports
  • Define system, application, and user profiles
  • Perform integration tasks
  • Create import formats for file systems
  • Set up locations, period mappings, and category mappings


  • Product Orientation
  • Preparing FDMEE Integrations
  • Setting Up Import Formats for File Systems
  • Completing the Integration Setup
  • Setting Up Data Load Mappings
  • Defining and Executing Data Load Rules
  • Processing Data in Data Load Workbench
  • Setting Up Check Rules and Check Entities
  • Processing Batches
  • Reporting in FDMEE
  • Setting Up Security
  • Defining Import Scripts
  • Defining Mapping and Event Scripts
  • FDMEE Integration with Other Source Systems
  • Loading FDMEE Journals
  • Creating Logic Accounts
  • Enabling Cell Text Loading
  • Performing Migrations with Lifecycle Management
  • Processing Planning Data in Data Load Workbench

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