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This Java Design Patterns training reviews common patterns specific to Java SDK & EE development. Lab exercises teach you to identify, apply and re-factor these patterns into code, using a NetBeans or Eclipse IDE and the GlassFish Application Server v3.


  • Identify key design principles of object-oriented development
  • Apply Java-specific implementation techniques to well-known patterns
  • Use patterns to complete a Java application design
  • Use patterns to complete a web-tier application design
  • Use patterns to complete a business-tier application design
  • Use patterns to improve communication between Java EE tiers
  • Identify and refactor anti-patterns in working code
  • Using part of a sample architecture scheme, select design patterns for implementing the scheme



  • Reviewing Object-Oriented Principles in Java
    • Describe how OO concepts apply to Java
    • Describe how OO principles apply to Java
    • List the goals of an OO language
    • Interpret Unified Modeling Language (UML) notation and create UML diagrams
    • Identify selected design patterns
  • Reviewing Gang of Four Patterns
    • List key behavioral, creational and structural patterns
    • Apply the Facade pattern
    • Apply the Strategy pattern
    • Apply the Observer pattern
    • Apply the Composite pattern
    • Review the Model-View-Controller (MVC) patterns
  • Implementing Patterns in Java
    • Use implementation patterns designed for Java
    • List forces affecting class, state, and behavioral patterns
    • Describe how patterns, idioms and refactoring differ from each other
  • Exploring Changes in Java EE Technology
    • Describe the design goals of the Java EE model
    • Describe improvements in the Java EE 6 model
  • Implementing Integration Patterns
    • Describe design patterns for the integration tier
    • Review Java EE integration changes that apply design patterns
    • Identify use cases for applying integration tier patterns
  • Implementing Patterns in Business Components
    • Describe the role of an enterprise bean
    • Describe design patterns for the business tier
  • Implementing Infrastructural Patterns in Java EE
    • Describe the role of infrastructural Java EE patterns
    • Describe the Service Starter pattern
    • Describe the Singleton pattern
    • Describe the Bean Locator pattern
    • Describe the Resource Binder pattern
  • Implementing More Infrastructure Patterns
    • Describe how Java EE interceptors work
    • Describe the Dependency Injection Extender pattern
    • Describe the Payload Extractor pattern
    • Describe the Context Holder pattern
    • Describe the Thread Tracker pattern
  • Exploring Anti-Patterns
    • Describe the Law of Leaky Abstractions
    • Define AntiPatterns
    • Describe Integration Tier AntiPatterns
    • Describe Business Tier AntiPatterns
    • Describe Presentation Tier AntiPatterns
  • Selecting Patterns for Architecture
    • Define the roles of architect, designer, and developer
    • Describe the relationship between design patterns and architecture
    • List guidelines for applying patterns to an architectural solution

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