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Reduce your organization's operating and ownership costs by implementing LDAP standard directory solutions that easily integrate with the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform. You can implement the solution using Oracle Unified Directory or Oracle Internet Directory. They store user identities in the form of entries, and provide a highly flexible and scalable replication environment to back up data.


  • Implement LDAP concepts like Schema and Structure
  • Perform basic administration tasks of OUD and OID.
  • Manage data in OUD and OID by creating, modifying and deleting entries.
  • Manage the schema of OUD and OID by creating, modifying and deleting object classes and attributes.
  • Manage OUD in OUDSM (Oracle Unified Directory Services Manager)
  • Manage OID in ODSM (Oracle Directory Services Manager)
  • Perform basic logging tasks like configuring, logging and viewing log files in OUD and OID.
  • Browse OUD and OID by using Oracle preferred application JXplorer.
  • Integrate Oracle WebLogic Server with OUD data store.


  • Identity Management Overview
  • Basic LDAP Concepts
  • Directory Services: Introduction to OUD and OID
  • Managing Directory Services: Command line tools
  • Managing Directory Services: OUDSM
  • Managing Directory Services: ODSM
  • Basic Logging
  • Integrating Applications with LDAP Directory Services

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