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In this course, you will learn to:

  • Enhance Your Oracle Application Express Application
  • Add Advanced Functionality to your Application Express Application
  • Make Your Application Express Applications Production Ready


  • Use Collections in your applications
  • Implement Dynamic Actions in your applications
  • Incorporate Interactivity in your application by using JavaScript
  • Send email from your applications
  • Generate and Using Table APIs
  • Work with RESTful Services and Web Source Modules
  • Use Templates and Themes
  • Use Faceted Search
  • Secure Your Application
  • Deploy and Maintain Your Application
  • Optimize Your Application
  • Manage Globalization and Translation
  • Translate and application
  • Translate messages used in the PL/SQL region


  • Course Overview
  • Introducing Course Persona
  • Using Collections
  • Extending Your Application: Dynamic Actions
  • Extending Your Application: Plug-ins
  • Incorporating Interactivity in Your Application
  • Generating and Using Table APIs
  • Creating and Using RESTful Web Services
  • Using Themes and Templates
  • Developing a New Theme for Your Application Using ThemeRoller
  • Securing Your Application
  • Deploying and Maintaining Your Application
  • Optimizing Your APEX Application
  • Globalization and Translation

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