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This course is first in a series of three Oracle Linux 8 System Administration courses that covers the system administration tasks. The lab environment is validated against the latest Oracle Linux 8 release.


  • Configure Passwordless authentication
  • Configure Date, Time, and Chrony
  • Automate Tasks with cron and systemd
  • Use Loadable Kernel Modules
  • Use sysctl, rpm and dnf
  • Create a Local Yum Repository
  • Install the Ksplice Offline Client
  • Administer User and Group Accounts
  • Restrict the Use of the su Command
  • Allow the Use of the sudo Command
  • Partition Storage Device, create ext4 File Systems, and Increase Swap Space
  • Configure Network Interface
  • Use nmcli, nmtui, and ip
  • Configure firewalld and nftables
  • Install and Run Oracle Database Preinstall
  • Prepare Disks for ASM Use
  • Use sosreport to Collect System Information
  • Use Standard Linux Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Use OSWatcher and OSWatcher Analyzer
  • Use rsyslog Templates, logwatch, and systemd-journald


  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Oracle Linux
  • Installing Oracle Linux 8
  • OpenSSH
  • The GRUB Bootloader
  • Introduction to system
  • Managing Time
  • Kernel and Device Configuration
  • Package Management
  • Oracle Ksplice
  • User and Group Administration
  • Partitions, File Systems, and Swap
  • Network Configuration
  • Network Security
  • Oracle On Oracle
  • System Monitoring and Management
  • System Logging
  • Troubleshooting