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The Oracle Linux System Administration I course covers a range of skills including installation, using the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, configuring Linux services, preparing the system for the Oracle Database, monitoring and troubleshooting.


  • Install Oracle Linux 7  
  • Load and configure the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel  
  • Install software packages from Unbreakable Linux Network and other repositories  
  • Use Ksplice to update the kernel on a running system
  • Load kernel modules and configure kernel module parameters  
  • Perform user and group administration  
  • Create Ext file systems  
  • Manage swap space
  • Configure networking
  • Utilize OpenSSH tools (ssh, scp, sftp, ssh-keygen)  
  • Perform security administration (firewalld, iptables, chroot, TCP wrappers)
  • Prepare Oracle Linux system for Oracle Database
  • Utilize Linux monitoring tools  
  • Configure system logging
  • Troubleshoot problems and perform corrective action


  • Introduction to Oracle Linux  
  • Oracle Cloud Computing
  • Installing Oracle Linux 7
  • Oracle Linux 7 Boot Process  
  • System Configuration
  • Package Management  
  • Automating Tasks 
  • Kernel Module Configuration
  • Oracle Ksplice   
  • User and Group Administration
  • Partitions, File Systems, and Swap  
  • Network Configuration  
  • IPv6
  • OpenSSH  
  • Security Administration
  • Oracle on Oracle
  • System Monitoring and Management
  • System Logging
  • Troubleshooting