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This Oracle NoSQL Database for Administrators training teaches you how to deploy a KVStore and troubleshoot installation and hardware failures. Expert Oracle University instructors will also teach you how to monitor and manage a KVStore.



  • Plan installation of Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Install and configure Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Deploy Oracle NoSQL Database KVStore
  • Secure the configuration
  • Extend a KVStore by increasing the replication factor or capacity of the KVStore
  • Troubleshoot installation and hardware failures
  • Monitor and optimize Oracle NoSQL Database performance
  • Perform backup, recovery, and upgrades


  • Course Introduction
  • Oracle NoSQL Database: Overview
  • Planning An Installation
  • Installing and Configuring Nodes
  • Configuring and Deploying A KVStore
  • Modifying a KVStore
  • Securing the Configuration
  • Troubleshooting Oracle NoSQL Database Installation Issues
  • Fixing Hardware Failures
  • Setting Store Parameters
  • Optimizing KVStore Performance
  • General Monitoring
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Managing AVRO Schema
  • Upgrading the Software

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