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This Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Build Composite Applications training teaches you how to design and develop SOA composite applications for application integration with services. Learn to create an SOA Composite application using JDeveloper 12c, test, debug and troubleshoot and more.


  • Implement Business Rule component with IF-THEN rules and decision tables
  • Test, debug, and troubleshoot a SOA composite application
  • Initiate SOA composite applications using the Events Delivery Network
  • Apply security policies to service endpoints to secure interactions
  • Implement Human workflow with Human Task components
  • Describe SOA concepts and related technology
  • Orchestrate business process flows by using BPEL
  • Work with Mediator components with routing rules, filters, and transformations
  • Create a SOA composite application using JDeveloper


  • Introduction to Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Getting Started with Composite Applications
  • Managing and Monitoring a Composite Application
  • Working with Data
  • Using JMS and JDBC Adapters
  • Introduction to BPEL
  • More BPEL Activities
  • Handling Faults in Composite Applications
  • Implementing Human Workflow and Notifications
  • Sharing Functionality in Oracle SOA Suite
  • Using the REST Adapter
  • Developing Business Rules
  • Designing and Managing Business Events
  • Testing and Debugging Composite Applications
  • Securing Composite Applications and Invoking Secured Services
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle SOA Cloud Service Overview

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