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The Oracle HRMS Implement and Use FastFormula course is intended to provide you with an understanding of the main uses of FastFormula within Oracle HRMS, and to enable you to write formulas for all your HRMS calculation and validation needs.

The content in this course is relevant for both Oracle Applications 11i and Release 12,12.1,12.2 users. Release 12 specific functionality is clearly indicated in the course. The practice instructions supplied in the course are written using the Vision demonstration environment. You must have access to an Oracle Application Vision database or comparable training or test instance at your site on which to complete these practices.


  • Create FastFormulas to define rules for Business Administration

  • Create, modify, and use FastFormulas for Payroll Processing

  • Create, modify, and use FastFormulas for PTO Accrual Plans

  • Explain the different formula types

  • Explain the difference between the predefined, seeded, generated and user defined formulas

  • Adapt seeded and generated formulas to meet the needs of your enterprise

  • Write well structured and efficient FastFormulas

  • Write formulas using the FastFormula Assistant

  • Use conditional logic, Boolean operators, functions and user tables in your formulas

  • Create, modify, and use FastFormulas for validation

  • Use conversion functions in your formulas

  • Explain the use of FastFormulas for Quick Paint Reports and Assignment Sets


  • Introduction to Oracle FastFormula

  • Oracle FastFormula in HRMS Product Suite

  • FastFormula Basic Syntax

  • Oracle FastFormula Structure

  • Advanced Oracle FastFormula Syntax

  • Examples of Oracle FastFormula

  • Tips, Troubleshooting and Efficient Design

  • Using FastFormula in People Management Templates

  • Writing Formulas for Person Number Generation

  • Using Oracle FastFormula to Define Rules for Benefits Administration

  • Writing FastFormula for Benefits Administration: Input, Output, and Eligibility Rules

  • Writing FastFormula for Benefits Administration: Further Benefit Rules Input, Output, and Eligibility Rules

  • Using FastFormula in Oracle Payroll and Total Compensation

  • Testing Payroll Formulas

  • Designing and Building Business Rule Solutions

  • How Absence Management and Accrual Plans Use Formulas

  • Review of PTO Formula Types

  • Inputs and Outputs of Accrual Formulas

  • Adapting Accrual Formulas

  • Using Formulas to Define Business Rules and to Define Parameters for Oracle HRMS Business Intelligence Reports

  • Calling Formulas from PL/SQL

  • Creating a PL/SQL Function for use in a Formula

  • Using Predefined Formulas

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