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This Oracle SuperCluster for System Administrators training is intended for system administrators who perform administration on the Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 or the Oracle SuperCluster M6-32. The goal of the course is to provide administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform configuration, administration, and basic troubleshooting.


  • List the functions and features of Oracle SuperCluster.
  • Identify the components and architecture of Oracle SuperCluster.
  • Integrate Oracle SuperCluster into an existing data center.
  • Administer Oracle SuperCluster.
  • Configure Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDoms) and discuss configuration options.
  • Perform basic troubleshooting and common tasks of Oracle SuperCluster, including backup and recovery.
  • Know where to obtain and use SuperCluster and Solaris best practices.


  • SuperCluster Introduction
  • Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 Overview
  • Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 Overview
  • SuperCluster Administration, Configuration and Maintenance
  • SuperCluster Domains
  • Troubleshooting and Common Tasks
  • Best Practices