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In this course participants receive an overview of Oracle Learning Management, then learn how to implement and use its features, such as the course catalog, online learning, resource, and enrollment management. Implementers learn how to configure OLM to match the customer's business practices, while administrators learn how to manage classes, enrollments, instructors, and venues.

The content in this course is relevant for both Oracle Applications 11i and Release 12 users. Release 12 specific functionality is clearly indicated in the course. The practice instructions supplied in the course are written using the Vision demonstration environment. You must have access to an Oracle Application Vision database or comparable training or test instance at your site on which to complete these practices.


  • Perform implementation tasks such as setting up flexfields, content, and conference servers
  • Establish catalog and content structures
  • Configure options such as automatic wait listing and integrations with other applications
  • Administer all aspects of learning management, from catalog and content hierarchies to enrollments, resource allocation, and finance
  • Control instructor-led classes and enrollments through a system of class and enrollment statuses
  • Manage a content hierarchy of learning objects, including imported objects adhering to recognized specifications
  • Create question banks and online tests to assess learners' knowledge and skills
  • Access Oracle Learning Management as learners, instructors, and managers using the self-service interfaces   



  • Learning Management Overview
  • Decisions
  • Implementation I: Introduction to Flexfields
  • Implementation II: Administration and Organizations
  • Implementation III: Catalog and Content
  • Implementation IV: Pricing and Finance
  • Implementation V: Security and Integrated Applications
  • Catalog
  • Learning Paths and Learning Certifications
  • Content Assembly
  • Test Building
  • Import and Export
  • Resources
  • Pricing and Finance
  • Enrollments
  • Self-Service Interfaces

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