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Learn to use Oracle Machine Learning algorithms with Oracle Autonomous Database to implement Predictive Analysis. This is a great starting point for data scientists, developers, business users, and anyone who wants to learn about Oracle Machine Learning algorithms.


  • Learn to use statistical functions to take advantage of Oracle Database.
  • Use Classification, Regression, and Attribute Importance algorithms for predictive analysis.
  • Identify unusual data by using Anomaly Detection and identify similar data by using Clustering algorithms.
  • Discover the probability of co-occurrence and extract smaller and richer sets of attributes.
  • Use a Time Series algorithm to forecast target values based on known history.


  • Course Overview
  • Using Statistical Functions
  • Classification Model
  • Regression
  • Using Attribute Importance
  • Implementing Anomaly Detection
  • Using Clustering
  • Association Rules
  • Using Feature Selection and Extraction
  • Using Time Series

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