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The Oracle Database 19c: Data Mining Techniques (SLS) course covers the basic concepts and primary terminologies associated with data mining. The course explains the steps associated with the data mining process, the use of Oracle Data Miner to perform data mining, and the options for deploying data mining predictive results. 


  • Create a User Account for Data Miner in Your Database
  • Create a Data Miner User Connection
  • Install the Data Miner Repository
  • Create a Data Miner Project and Workflow
  • Create Classification Models
  • Create Regression Models
  • Create Clustering Models
  • View Model Results and Applying the Model
  • Create an Association Rules Model
  • Modify the Source Data and Rebuilding the Model
  • Apply Model Rule Filters
  • Create an Anomaly Detection Model


  • Data Mining Concepts and Terminology
  • The Data Mining Process
  • Introducing Oracle Data Miner
  • Using Classification Models
  • Using Regression Models
  • Using Clustering Models
  • Performing Anomaly Detection
  • Deploying Data Mining Results

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