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This Oracle Identity Governance 12c: Develop Identity Provisioning training teaches you to perform advanced administration, development, and customization tasks in Oracle Identity Manager 12c


  • Implementing advanced entitlement administration techniques, such as hierarchical entitlements and temporal access.
  • Customizing self-profile management, using the new authorization model.
  • Customizing the Oracle Identity Governance UI with ADF.
  • Configuring certifications with event listeners, closed-loop remediation, multi-phased, and certification oversight.
  • Configuring the Identity Audit (IDA) to detect, remediate, and prevent Segregation of Duties (SoD) violations.
  • Configuring Identity Auditor to leverage role lifecycle management, role history, and role analytics.
  • Oracle Identity Governance 12c architecture and development tools.
  • Oracle Identity Governance client APIs: Java, and SCIM (REST/JSON based).
  • Developing a Custom Trusted Source Connector, using the ICF.
  • Installing, configuring, and extending Oracle Identity Governance connectors.


  • Oracle Identity Governance 12c Architecture and Development Tools
  • Oracle Identity Manager APIs
  • Developing Connectors to Integrate Systems
  • Testing and Installing ICF Connectors
  • Implementing Reconciliation
  • Customizing Reconciliation with Plug-ins, Event Handlers, and Scheduled Tasks
  • Installing and Extending an Oracle Identity Manager Connector
  • Advanced Entitlement Administration
  • Customizing Approval Processes in SOA Suite
  • Customizing the Self Profile Management
  • Advanced Oracle Identity Manager User Interface Customizations
  • Customizing the Application Instance Form for Access Requests
  • Exploring Identity Auditor and Role Lifecycle Management
  • Implementing Advanced Certification
  • Implementing Advanced Identity Audit
  • Customizing Oracle Identity Manager Reports

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