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Oracle Identity Governance 12c: Essentials Ed 1 This course teaches you how to implement identity management solutions with Oracle Identity Manager 12c ( Learn the importance, benefits, values, terminology and functional aspectsof identity management and identity governance. In this course, you learn essential concepts associated with Oracle Identity Governance, one of the products of the Oracle Identity Governance Suite. These concepts include understanding identity management and identity governance; launching Oracle Identity Governance; creating and managing organizations, roles, and users in Oracle Identity Governance; onboarding applications; manual and automated provisioning workflows; request-level and operational-level approval workflows; application instances for disconnected resources; reconciliation; authorization policies; reports; performing certifications; transferring Oracle Identity Governance configurations; and integrating the Oracle Identity Governance Suite.


  • The importance, benefits, terminology, values, terminology, and functional aspects of identity management
  • The Identity Governance infrastructure and the suite of Oracle Identity Management products
  • The relationship that Oracle Identity Governance has with several Oracle Identity Management products
  • The tiers of the Oracle Identity Governance architecture
  • How to launch Oracle Identity Governance
  • How to use the Bulk Load Utility to load users, role categories, and roles into Oracle Identity Governance
  • How to customize and save searches
  • How to provision users to resources through request-level and operation-level approval workflows


  • Introducing Oracle Identity Governance 12c
  • Understanding Identity Management and Identity Governance
  • Launching Oracle Identity Governance
  • Understanding Organizations, Roles, and Users
  • Provisioning and Reconciling User Information
  • Understanding Application Onboarding
  • Using the Access Request Catalog
  • Understanding Policy-Based Provisioning
  • Understanding the Advanced Request Functionality
  • Understanding Application Instances for Disconnected Resources
  • Understanding Reconciliation
  • Understanding Oracle Identity Governance Security
  • Managing Reports
  • Understanding Identity Certifications
  • Understanding Identity Audit (IDA)
  • Transferring Oracle Identity Governance Configurations
  • Customizing the Oracle Identity Governance UI
  • Integrating Oracle Identity Governance

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