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This course helps you learn to design a data model for Oracle NoSQL Database. You learn to use Oracle NoSQL Database APIs in an application to create, retrieve, and update data in a KVStore. Next, you learn to use Oracle NoSQL Database advanced features, including support for JSON data and SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database. Finally, you create consistency and durability policies according to application requirements and access a secure store. The instructions are reinforced with hands-on practices.


  • Design a Schema
  • Identify Consistency and Durability Requirements
  • Create Tables from CLI and a Java Application
  • Write Data to a Table
  • Read Data from Tables Using TableAPI
  • Create a Table and Load JSON Data
  • Examine Code for JSON Data Queries
  • Query Records in the NoSQL Table
  • Create a Table and Load Simple JSON Data
  • Use SQL for NoSQL to Query Simple Data
  • Create a Table and Load Complex JSON Data
  • Use SQL for NoSQL to Query Complex Data
  • Configure Consistency Policies and Durability
  • Create Transactions and Handle Large Objects
  • Access a Secure Store


  • Course Introduction
  • Big Data and NoSQL: Overview
  • Getting Started with Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Schema Design
  • Application-Specific Requirements
  • Working with Tables
  • Writing and Deleting Data Using TableAPI
  • Retrieving Data Using TableAPI
  • Working with JSON Data
  • Using SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Configuring Consistency Policies
  • Configuring Durability
  • Creating Transactions
  • Handling Large Objects
  • Accessing a Secure Store

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