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This course extensively covers the concepts and usage of the native data types, functions, and operators available in Oracle Database for spatial data. Using the Map visualization component, students learn how to render maps and view geospatial data managed by Oracle Spatial and Graph. Students are also introduced to basics of geocoding and routing concepts. The focus of this course is more on introducing the students to basic analysis of spatial data. This course does not cover Graph analysis.


  • Geocode and reverse geocode addresses with the Oracle Spatial and Graph Geocoder
  • Describe the various types of coordinate systems to associate with geometries
  • Perform bulk or incremental load of the spatial and graph data
  • Run spatial and graph queries in SQL to perform spatial and graph analysis
  • Enhance and tune spatial and graph indexes for better performance
  • Identify the general geometric and spatial concepts and terminologies
  • Describe the Oracle Spatial and Graph data and query models
  • Create spatial layers using the SDO_GEOMETRY native data type
  • Employ spatial and graph operators and functions to generate and access 2D geometries
  • Describe the Oracle Spatial and Graph Router and it’s architecture
  • Use the Oracle Spatial and Graph Map Visualization component to render maps


  • Introduction
  • Overview of Oracle Spatial and Graph Concepts
  • Creating Spatial Layers
  • Defining Collection of Geometry
  • Associating Spatial Layers with Coordinate Systems
  • Loading spatial and graph data
  • Validating and debugging geometries
  • Using Oracle Spatial and Graph Map Visualization Component
  • Indexing spatial data
  • Querying spatial data
  • Using SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE, SDO_NN, and SDO_JOIN operators
  • Analyzing geometries by using spatial operators and functions
  • Using Spatial Analysis, MBR, Utility, and Aggregate Functions
  • Defining Maps by Using the Map Builder Tool
  • Leveraging Oracle Maps: The Map Cache and JavaScript API
  • Implementing a linear referencing system
  • Managing Spatial Indexes
  • Geocoding Address Data
  • Using the Spatial Routing Engine

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