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Experience the runtime Oracle Configurator operating within the Oracle Order Management host application. Learn how to set up Items and Item Catalog Categories in Oracle Inventory, construct BOM Models in Oracle Bills of Material, and then import the data into Oracle Configurator Developer (OCD). Work in Oracle Configurator Developer (OCD) to build configuration model structure and rules.


  • Create Model structure nodes, enable components to be instantiated multiple times and learn how to create Connectors.

  • Develop Configurator Extensions to implement custom functionality.

  • Use the Model Debugger to test your work at multiple stages of development.

  • Generate, customize, and test User Interfaces to see how Oracle Configurator ensures that only complete and valid products or services can be configured and ordered.

  • Publish your configuration model to test and production environments.

  • System tests your configuration model by configuring an item and booking a priced and configured sales order.

  • The course also highlights how to use OCD to customize generated User Interfaces.


  • About This Course

  • Implementation Overview

  • Configuration Models Overview

  • Configurations Overview

  • Getting Started with Oracle Configurator Developer, Part 1

  • Getting Started with Oracle Configurator Developer, Part 2

  • About Configurator Data, Part 1

  • About Configurator Data, Part 2

  • Preparing Inventory Data

  • Preparing BOM Model and Rule Data

  • Importing Data

  • Verifying Data

  • About Configuration Models

  • About Properties

  • Creating Model Structure, Part 1

  • Creating Model Structure, Part 2

  • Working with Model Structure, Part 1

  • Working with Model Structure, Part 2

  • Testing Model Structure

  • About Configuration Rules

  • Rule Creation

  • Logic Rules

  • Testing Configuration Rules

  • Numeric Rules

  • Compatibility Rules

  • Comparison Rules

  • Statement Rules

  • Connectivity and Network Models

  • User Interfaces

  • Publishing Configuration Models

  • Configurator Extensions

  • Configurator Extension Command Events

  • Course Summary

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