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Information System Professionals benefits from the functional coverage of the technical material given in application technical reference manuals. The instructor demonstrates and describes a manufacturing function such as entering a bill of material (Oracle Engineering functionality) and follows it up by a detailed discussion of an entity relationship diagram depicting the database table relationships involved in bills of material entry. The students then demonstrate their understanding by executing a SQL script to locate a particular bill of material, answer specific questions related to the database tables, with regard to that bill of material entry. The manufacturing applications that are covered in the modules include: Oracle Inventory, Oracle Bills of Material and Engineering, Oracle Cost Management, Oracle Order Management, Oracle Work in Process, Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning, Oracle Quality, and Oracle Purchasing. 50 entity relationship diagrams are presented and discussed.


  • Identify the major tables used in Oracle Manufacturing

  • Read Oracle Manufacturing entity relationship diagrams (ERDs)

  • Discuss the Manufacturing open interfaces and APIs

  • Understand the basics of Supply Chain/Manufacturing applications

  • Understand the major features and process flows in Oracle Manufacturing


  • Oracle Manufacturing Functional Foundation

  • Overview

  • Applications Basics

  • ERDs and Applications Technology

  • Open Interfaces and APIs

  • Oracle Inventory

  • Oracle Bills of Material and Engineering

  • Oracle Cost Management

  • Oracle Quality

  • Oracle Work in Process

  • Oracle Order Management

  • Advanced Supply Chain Planning

  • Oracle Purchasing

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