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In the Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c course, students learn how to use Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to monitor and manage their enterprise-computing environment.


  • Navigate and monitor the overall health of your Cloud Control system
  • Organize targets and groups
  • Setup targets monitoring, alerts and notifications
  • Use the job system to create and manage jobs to automate commonly performed tasks
  • View, search and compare configurations
  • Manage targets patching
  • Explain compliance policies and evaluate policy violations
  • Use BI Publisher to generate custom reports


  • Introduction
  • Cloud Control Core Concepts
  • Organizing Targets
  • Oracle Cloud in Your IT Ecosystem
  • Cloud Control Access
  • Monitoring
  • Managing Events and Incidents
  • Responding to Events, Incidents, and Problems
  • Using the Job System
  • Managing Systems and Services
  • Patching and Provisioning
  • Managing Configurations
  • Managing Compliance
  • Using the Cloud Control Reporting Framework

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