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Multithreaded applications execute multiple threads in a single processor environment, allowing developers achieve concurrency. This training will teach you the finer points of multithreading and concurrency concepts and how to apply them efficiently in C++14. Divided into ten modules, we start with a brief introduction to the fundamentals of multithreading and concurrency concepts. We then take an in-depth look at how these concepts work at the hardware-level as well as how both operating systems and frameworks use these low-level functions. We will also learn about the native multithreading and concurrency support available in C++ since the 2011 revision, synchronization, and communication between threads.


  • Introduction to Concurrency in C++14 
  • Managing Threads 
  • Sharing Data between Threads 
  • Synchronizing concurrent operations 
  • C++ memory model and operations on atomic types 
  • Designing lock-based concurrent data structures 
  • Designing lock-free concurrent data structures 
  • Designing concurrent code 
  • Advanced thread management 
  • Testing and debugging multi-threaded applications