1. Data Warehouse Analysis and Design Process Services

 Include the works required to determine the most suitable data model structure by analyzing data sources and final report/analysis requests of organizations.

For this purpose, one or several of Snowflake, Star, 3rd Normal Form or Hybrid Data Models can be implemented in data warehouse environment of the customer.

Analysis design process also assists in revealing the most suitable hardware requirement through data warehouse processes and estimation modeling to be made for performance load of organizations, which will be caused by final report SQLs.

 2. Migration and Integration Process Services

 Include consultancy services for transforming the records, retrieved from relational, structured / non-structured text/data systems, web services, and/or big data systems by using tools, such as Oracle Data Integrator, Informatica, Talend, SSIS, Java, Python, Perl Script, etc. and migrating them to target data warehouses.

  For this purpose, one or several of migration methodologies, such as ETL, ELT, online/offline replication, etc. can be implemented, based on the customer’s requirements. All packages and scripts required for end-to-end performance of integration project are also written and designed.

 3. Data Warehouse Integration (ETL/ELT) Application Installation and Configuration Services

 Include installation and configuration services for the tools, such as Oracle Data Integrator, Informatica, Talend, SSIS ETL/ELT, and upgrading and debugging operations that are required in time.

 4. Testing and Logging Process Services

 Include consultancy services required for professional designing and coding of a testing and logging mechanism, which is required to implement a data warehouse project or to find bugs of an existing system.

  Logging infrastructure can be designed flexibly to cover all or some of migration processes. So, it can be implemented optionally at any time requested.

 These services also include consultancy services provided for installation and configuration of correct testing and development environments of ETL/ELT application and data warehouse structures, which are required for proper implementation of newly designed projects.

5. Data Quality Measurement and Data Standardization Services

 Include consultancy services for using effective measurement methodologies and tools to determine whether the data migrated from data sources to data warehouse meet corporate data standards or not before and during the migration.

 For this purpose, consultancy services are provided to develop software to determine data type distributions through sampling of data independent from its source.

 6. Data Warehouse Database and SQL/PLSQL Performance Improvement Services

 As Method IT, we have significant knowledge and experience for improving database system performances of our customers.

 We have performed significant application and database performance improvement projects in many organizations for the last 10 years without requiring any new and expensive hardware investment. 

 These services include any kind of consultancy services for all database configurations that affect the performance of data warehouse systems

before being implemented in production environment and for solving performance problems encountered during the production process.

  They also include provision of consultancy for determining CPU/IO/Network loads properly through licensed and/or open source (script) applications for data warehouses that are developed on relational databases and for improving SQL/PLSQL scripts and ETL operations that include them.

7. Data Warehouse Systems Backup, Data/Database Security Services

 These services include the consultancy for creating correct backup strategies by taking the data sizes of databased and critical business processes into consideration. They also include

consultancy services for creating the data security standards for sensitive and private data, such as encryption, masking, etc.

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